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Make TYPO3 GDPR compatible

TYPO3 Extension gdpr


This extensions enables you as site owner and extension developer to comply with the GDPR by covering some of the important aspects:

Table of Contents


The license is a one time fee and includes every update until Mai 2019. Renewal is possible after that.

(*) Important: Get a 30% discount because of T3DD until 30th of June!

Contact me - Georg Ringer via mail, TYPO3 slack or twitter.

Differences free <> paid version

  Free Paid
API to hide records
Form overview
Individual form status  
Custom icon for randomized records  
CLI for randomization  
Log module  
Search module  
Reports module
Privacy for YouTube & Vimeo videos  
Support further development  

Access to paid version

Access to a private GitHub repository will be granted. This makes it possible to include the extension in automated deployments.